The Proposal

This past Christmas Eve, I got the best surprise I’ve ever received. The best part aside from getting to marry my best friend? I had no idea it was coming. I mean, I figured it would happen eventually – we both expressed that we knew we were each other’s “person” – but I did not expect it to happen when it did. I love a good proposal story, so I figured I’d share all of the deets.

Due to covid, we planned to have a low-key Christmas. We went to my parents house for dinner and facetimed with family. My mother kindly offered me some of her red nail polish for my unpainted nails and I unsuspectingly painted them to be festive. It was an uneventful but nice Christmas eve. Little did I know, it would be a day I’d remember forever.

While we were by my parent’s house, my fianc√© – still feels weird to call him that – had some of his family go to our condo and set up what looked like a scene out of the bachelor. He even had an additional spare key made so I would not notice that our already spare key was missing – got to give him credit for thinking things through.

When we got back to the condo, I opened the door to a candle-framed trail of rose petals leading up to a beautiful flower arrangement with a little black box gently placed inside. I immediately started ugly crying once I figured out what was happening. Francesco grabbed my hand, walked me down the trail and got down on one knee. My family then showed up and snapped some special pictures capturing our happiness. It was unexpected and magical and I’m so grateful to everyone who helped give us that special moment.